Steve Hartman Podcast – Stories from CBS Sunday Morning

Yes, I started my podcast because I love Steve Hartman from the  CBS Sunday Morning program called “On The Road”.  As I mentioned in my earlier posts about Paul Harvey and Charles Osgood, these gentlemen tell stories in a narrated fashion that just draw you in.

I think it’s the pacing and tone of Steve Hartman’s stories that I really love. There’s no hype, no crazy voices, no yelling, no laugh track. It’s just great storytelling.

With my Tracing The Path Podcast, I wanted to capture the essence of Steve Hartman’s stories. Unlike Paul Harvey’s stories which leave you in awe, On The Road is really about stories that warm your heart. I have always felt there was a way to combine those two things.

I think Steve Hartman’s basketball team stories are where I was first introduced to his voice, to his style. In one story the autistic student basketball team manager gets to play in the final game. In another a basketball team from a juvenile detention center enters the arena filled with fans they didn’t know they had.

My goal with Tracing the Path is to fill a void between CBS Sunday Morning episodes and since Paul Harvey/Charles Osgood are no longer on the air.

If you’re a fan of those, I challenge you to check out Tracing The Path for yourself.

A Charles Osgood Inspired Podcast

I loved, wait I still love them, Charles Osgood stories. Sunday Mornings were the best. I think Charles Osgood on Sunday mornings was better than cartoons on Saturdays to me. That’s why I started my podcast “Tracing the Path”. . .  I mentioned the other day that Paul Harvey was the reason but really, it was the whole generation of story tellers on the radio.

Bruce Williams, Charles Kuralt . . . Wobegon Days. I think I just missed those days.

So what I wanted to do was to create a story telling podcast that taught you stuff about things you thought you knew. The way Paul Harvey told us stories about people we knew but didn’t know well enough.

I love how Paul Harvey, Jr. could write those stories with that twist, giving enough details but not quite enough. That’s still pretty amazing.  Not sure I could do that but I also don’t want to copy, so my stories are a bit different. You know from the beginning who it’s about, you just don’t know how they’re connected to everything else around them.

So if you loved Charles Osgood, I think you’ll love our podcast “Tracing the Path“.

A Paul Harvey inspired Podcast: Tracing the Path

I used to listen to Paul Harvey in the car . . . his show was a bit like a podcast I’d say. I can say this, even if I was fully parked and late for a meeting I wouldn’t turn the car off until it was over. I just wanted to hear the end. 

But it wasn’t just Paul Harvey, Charles Kuralt and Charles Osgood on Sunday mornings, so good too.

I just love the stories. The Rest of the Story was great with the surprise ending. Ya know Paul Harvey, Jr. wrote all of those. In fact if you don’t know that story I told it on the podcast. What I don’t know is how he masterfully crafted the story so you didn’t know. The perfect details that didn’t totally give it away but certainly all fit in the end.

I learned from Charles Kuralt that I didn’t always need the twist. The stories were just fantastically crafted. I’m not them yet, but I can say that the stories I’ve discovered are pretty darn amazing.

The first episode, the one that went viral instantly was about Apple’s tipping point. Why aren’t they just a small computer company. Something must have happened to make them tip from small garage Cupertino start-up to goliath. I guess I could have left Apple’s name off till the very end, but I loved talking about things Steve Jobs did along the way.

But my really favorite part of Tracing the Path is the connections. Is connecting the dots between people, companies, ideas and success.

I’m not Paul Harvey. But I do wish he and his team never stopped doing what they did.

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