Who Are We?

Dan R Morris, Co-Host

This company exists because we need it to, you and I. We need learning entertainment that motivates, excites, encourages  . . .but also has a return on investment. Solid ideas you can implement in your life to make it better.

 With our limited time we need to be surrounded by people who can move us forward in a way that makes tomorrow easier. And we wanted to create events that produce a return for the audience, not just good memories.

We spend everyday working talking with business owners about improving their income and business models. Each and every one of those experiences gives us new insight into best practices.

For the shows, I also tap into my experience building Walgreens pharmacies, developing TV and radio infomercials and even working for Warren Buffet.

I love, love, love using practical examples to help make things concrete. My goal is to help motivated people and business owners perfect the little things that make a big difference.


Rachel Marie Martin, Co-Host

So this is my about me. I am - a fighter, a scrapper, a person who looks at rules and limits and learns to push through them. And then there’s this part of me that loves to learn.

In fact, if there’s an issue I’ve been known to go right to the source to learn. When my son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease I was reading medical journals and abstracts soaking up as much knowledge as I could. It’s the same with blogging, marketing, and business.

I love reading Facebook’s Blog, StackOverflow, and any tech source commentary possible. But, learning isn’t narrowed to simply one field, learning is all encompassing.

In fact, one of my favorite parts of Pull is when we look at other industries and life experiences and take that wisdom to make us better at what we do.

The bottom line?
I believe we all make a difference.
All of us.
And we need to be together to share in the grandeur.


Some great organizations have featured us, hosted us and allowed us to entertain their audiences. 

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