Virtual Assistants and Article Marketing

This week I was able to meet with 3 different groups for lunch. It was a pretty good week for me because I think I took more notes than I gave. I love learning new, cool stuff.In no particular order, we talked about these things:

PixelPipe, Onlywire, and  TubeMogul are syndication websites. That means they’ll send your content out to lots of other websites. TubeMogul will send your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and a bunch of others all at once. PixelPipe does photos, Onlywire bookmarks things.

Setting these sites up is a bit of pain. In order for TubeMogul to upload your video to YouTube, you have to a YouTube account. That goes for all the other sites as well. This is the kind of task a VA could set up for you. Getting these set up would allow you to send your videos and blog posts out to 150 sites or so with the click of a button.

022052715_Smiling young female working with laptop computerIf you’re cash strapped or just starting out, the idea of hiring someone is daunting. “How can I start paying if I’m not making anything?” The answer is obvious – but easy to shun.

So I say start making a list of things that suck. And start making a list of things that make you money. When you’ve got a full page filled out, determine which “things that suck” are stopping you from doing the things that make you money.

Now you know what a VA can do for you!

To find an on-line task VA (instead of a full or part-time VA) you can find them to do particular tasks on a variety of websites, I use I use them for a lot of things including having a cartoon drawn for a friend recently. Sometimes if I know what I want my website to do, but don’t know how to do it, I’ll put in a project on elance.

I’ll say something like: “I want my website to capture names, send them to another website and then automatically have a mime show up on their front
door of their house with a thank you card. Let me know what it would take to get that done.”

Someone will respond with a proposal and price.

There are a bunch of services out there. Check out any one of the following:,,,, odesk, and the most entertaining of them all. . .

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