Managing Referrals

Ever get referred by someone? Usually 1 of 2 things happens. Either you make a new acquaintance/customer or the job just totally blows.

referal marketing

But even if it blows, it sure was nice that someone was thinking of you – enough to bring you business. So what percent of your business is that, anyway? Even for me, word-of-mouth marketing is the greatest thing ever.

So, is there a way we can get more referrals from our friends, family and clients? There is indeed.

First you need to divide your “contact book” into three categories. You can call them what you want, I call the first group the Cheerleaders. These are the folks that sing your praises, buy your services and refer you whenever they get a chance.

The second group are the Roadies. They like what you do, respect you and have referred you once already.

And the third group is everyone else.

Dividing them into three buckets is non-negotiable. What you do with the three buckets of contacts is up to you – but it certainly needs to reflect your personality.

Cheerleaders. They deserve a phone call of appreciation each month. every other month? quarterly at least. And since they really are fueling your business, how about sending them your favorite book directly through Amazon some time? Who doesn’t love a package from Amazon? The key is several touch points per year.

The Roadies – well they could become cheerleaders for sure. A phone call or personal letter is certainly appropriate. Some of what you’re eating was paid for by this referral.  Do this twice per year.

And the rest could easily become Roadies if you keep up what you’re doing. Tell them you appreciate referrals. Make sure your friends and acquaintances really understand what you do. People need to know when it is appropriate to refer you. And show your appreciation for their friendship – even if it’s just a note on

Either way, don’t neglect your referrals. They fuel your entire business when you’re doing things right. For more on Niche Internet Marketing click here.