Best Business Books Ever

booksI went to the book signing/book tour Scott Stratten was doing for Unmarketing this week. And then I read a blog post about the best business books ever.

And then on top of that I go to a Geek Breakfast every few weeks where everyone seems to be reading new, awesome books. Where does everyone get the time?

Well, it actually doesn’t bother me like it used to because I can pretty much talk about any new book out there.

Just so you know, this is my best save time, get better and make more money” tip of the day.

So I’m a huge fan of Rick Raddatz. I love most of the stuff he comes out with. I even enjoyed watching him make a fool of himself on that show “Wipe Out”.

Last year he started a business book service. Being a millionaire, coach, internet marketer and all – I respect his insight – so I was eager to try it. It’s at

Here’s what he does. He reads one book per week and all the reviews of it. He then puts together a 5 minute video where he tells you what the point of the book was and details the important lessons.

THEN he goes into how you can implement those things into your business – that’s my favorite part. Each week a new book comes out, I think they’ve done 76 now. You get the video, the transcript, a bullet point sheet and can download the audio.

It’s a fantastic service. If you follow me on Twitter – I mention it a lot.

So check out