Getting to the Top of Google – A Twitter Clinic

This Twitter Clinic was posted May 18th at 1:00 pm. Please follow me on Twitter so we can chat live during the clinics.

Today’s Twitter Clinic is about Getting to the top of Google’s search results – for common words – not your company name. To start, if

you tell people that you’re #1 on Google but are only #1 for your company name – that’s just rude and misleading. If you Google your company [Read more…]

What is a Blog? – A Twitter Clinic

This clinic was posted May 15th, 2009 at 1:00 pm. on Twitter. Please follow me on Twitter so we can converse live there!

I set up a blog for a friend yesterday. He doesn’t quite understand the idea of the blog yet -but he’s very excited to be doing one.

So I thought I’d teach him and realized that lots of people aren’t really sure what a blog does. So this is my What is a Blog Twitter Clinic [Read more…]

How To Use Google AdWords – A Twitter Clinic

This clinic was posted on Twitter April 30th at 4:00 pm. Please follow me on Twitter; to see more clinics and converse live.

My Twitter Topic today is how to use Google AdWords – that’s the ads you see on the side of the SERP (Search results page). To start,

It’s not easy to use AdWords successfully, lots of people lose money doing it. That’s because they don’t understand specificity. [Read more…]

Making Your Facebook (or MySpace) Group Go Viral – A Twitter Clinic

This clinic was posted on May 4th at 8:00 p.m.  Follow me on Twitter; to see these clinics and converse live.

So today’s twitter clinic is on “making your Facebook group” go viral. The first step is the name. It’s got to be exciting. A name like.

People who like cheese” is not going to make it. “Cheese-heads Unite! and Take up Arms” might – the idea is exciting. [Read more…]

How To Drive Traffic – A Twitter Clinic

I posted this Twitter Clinic on Twitter at 10:13 May, 12th. Please follow me to see more Twitter Clinic’s live:

So tonite’s Twitter Clinic is on traffic generation to your site. I’m not an expert (though who is) but I definitely get it.

So who do you want coming to your site/blog/facebook page? That’s the first step. You’re likely to have keywords. Write them down. [Read more…]

How To Use Twitter – A Twitter Clinic

This clinic was posted on Twitter May 10th, 8:15 pm. Please follow me on Twitter to converse live

Tonite’s Twitter Clinic is something I haven’t done before – “How To Use Twitter”. If you’re new, I hope this is interesting and helpful.

Let’s start with the point of Twitter. I don’t think Twitter is a forum to tell people what you’re doing. That’s ridiculous. But it is a . . [Read more…]