How To Use Twitter – A Twitter Clinic

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Tonite’s Twitter Clinic is something I haven’t done before – “How To Use Twitter”. If you’re new, I hope this is interesting and helpful.

Let’s start with the point of Twitter. I don’t think Twitter is a forum to tell people what you’re doing. That’s ridiculous. But it is a . .

forum to tell people what you do. By that I mean a means of conversating with people about your hobbies, your business, your interests.

Sure “I’m going to the movies” is one thing, but finding people who love Grey’s Anatomy and being able to talk about the show is another.

The best method I have found for doing that is helps you automatically follow people that are talking about your interests

You like the show Grey’s Anatomy and you’ll be following the people talking about Grey’s. That way Thursday night, you’ll be seeing lots of

conversations about Grey’s while it’s happening. That’d be cool, wouldn’t it? But that’s just the beginning. Now that you’re also talking.

about it, people are automatically following you – and starting conversations with you because they, too, like the show. Now you’ve got . .

a reason to be on Twitter Thursday nights. The thing is, you can’t see the conversations of people who follow you unless you follow them.

That’s why I like This is a service that will automatically follow people who follow you.Why be part of a 1 way conversation?

So now your followers/following is all people who like Grey’s Anatomy. But you can do that for any topic, every topic – you get to pick.

Now, let’s move to business. I have an informational website about resveratrol. I do make money from it, but just from the ads on the pages.

There’s nothing for sale, no real pitch – just information. On it I talk about the sources of resveratrol like red wine, grapes, peanuts,

blueberries, chocolate and I expanded that to organic wine and red wine vinegar. So I follow all the twitterers talking about those things.

Then I can start up conversations with them (being a self-proclaimed) expert on the topic, that is, and I can send them to my website.

Since they’re already talking about these things and interested in these things, my website is something they usually appreciated knowing of

The same would work for people who sell a product. Suppose you have a bunion removed that works every time, wouldn’t it be nice to chat with

people who had bunions? Let’s say you’re without a job and are looking for one. Maybe you know that you’d like to work for Pepsi.

You could easily look up names of people who work for Pepsi (on LinkedIn for example) and try to find them on Twitter too. Wouldn’t it be

nice to have some honest conversations with the people you want to work for before you actually go in to interview? You could figure out

where the company is headed and learn how you could help. You could even use Twitter to explain to people how you could help their company

you’d certainly stand out in the crowd then. So Twitter, in my view, is not about “what are you doing” at all. (I’m typing by the way) it’s

about “this is who I am.” and more importantly sharing that with people who care about the same things – for fun or for profit. By the way

my website is (if you’re interested). Thus ends today’s Twitter Clinic – How to use Twitter.

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