The Work Gets Easier. . .

Last night I did something I haven’t done before. I took a product, created a website and started driving traffic to it in less than an hour. Now that is LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of where I was a year ago, before the first NAMS conference.

Now I have shiny button syndrome, so perhaps, I shouldn’t have digressed from my original goals to get that done last night. But I came across a free “rebrandable” e-book from Kevin Riley. Normally I think I would have just set it aside for the time being, but Kevin mentioned that he put some “case studies” about how businesses use Twitter in the report.

Having just produced Twitter Glitch, I was immediately interested.  So I quickly read the report and actually thought it was pretty cool – excellent information – for Twitter users.  What was even better is that it was a “Free Report” I could give out on my own site.

A good part of this “hour” getting this executed was deciding how to give it away. I assumed I would “tweet” about its existence, but there still had to be a way for people to view it.  So where do I put it? In a new post in this blog? On Facebook? On a new webpage? As a bonus in TwitterGlitch? Hmmm. . .

I really wanted to use it to help build a list, but ultimately decided that a “Free” report should be free.  So I abandoned my desire to use an opt-in box and ultimately decided to create a new webpage on  I may change that – and always can – that’s just what I did.

Now Kevin Riley does makes it easy to give away his reports. He provides you a webpage and even some e-mails so you can tell people about the free report. So I modified one of his webpages and created this page: (take a look at it).  When you press the button, you get the report instantly! Voila!

So, I was quite excited by that. There’s no way I could have done that a year ago – and while that’s small potatoes to the experts, it makes me smile like an expert.

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