The 2nd Set of Eyes

2nd set of eyes


I got an unbelievable testimonial yesterday. I reviewed a business plan for a friend because it really just sounded fun. Plus after meeting with small business after small business, I’ve learned that not everyone thinks the way I do. Here’s what he sent:

“Dan –

I was only expecting a one or two sentence response.  The response you did give was unbelievable.  That was probably the most thought provoking and on target coaching I’ve received in 15-years (even from my home office). This really shows your business prowess. Thank you, I’ll be busy for awhile going through your comments point-by-point. Thanks again.”

How would that make you feel? As good as that was for me, it’s him who will benefit from the second set of eyes. He’s the one who got brave enough to let someone look at his business plan. That takes more guts than making the observations.

So my suggestion this week to you is have someone look over what
you’re doing? Open up your heart and let someone else’s thoughts

totally disrupt what you have going on.Suppose you just get horrible feedback? Even if you can’t use it, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have thought of that stuff otherwise.

And if you get good, stellar feedback – you can only improve after that.

If you want Darren and I to take a look at your plan, just e-mail us. We’d be happy to help you grow your business.

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