Tracking: A Key To Success

ANalyticsYet another factor that is critical to any businesses online (or offline for that matter) success is tracking. You really need to keep track of where your leads and traffic come from so you can replicate and scale any success you have.

To be really effective, tracking should be a big part of every business decision you make. For instance leasing billboard space is great, but unless you can track the business that comes from that billboard – you’re really performing a branding activity. And most of the time, the ROI of branding can not be tracked. Continue reading “Tracking: A Key To Success”

The About Me Section

consumer-buying-processI got asked today what a person should write in the About Me section of their site. Interesting to me that this question was asked.

First of all you have to decide WHY you want a section called About Me. What is the point of that page on your site?

If you answer “because everyone else has one” then we’ve got more talking to do. But if you can truly answer that question – write the answer down and make it your About Me section. Continue reading “The About Me Section”

Website Conversions

544853_question_markI got a chance to chat with Sue Painter ( recently about increasing web
conversions.It was a great conversation – to which much was discussed. And before I get any further you should know that you can listen to that recording here:

But let me get to the meat of it. The bottom line is this: If you want to convert more window shoppers to customers you have to combine logic and art. Continue reading “Website Conversions”

Website Design Success Factors

yay-7238976This week a local business asked me some questions about changing their site to add some “popular” features. This was my reply:

“Lots of sites have lots of cool features, but that doesn’t mean those features are going to help you make money. Just because lots of sites do it isn’t a good reason. It’s like putting pink flamingos in your front yard because lots of people do it.

Your website should be a tool, that’s it. It’s one of the tools at your disposal that you should be using to create revenue for your business. The question you should be asking yourself and your clients is “how can I make this a better tool?” Continue reading “Website Design Success Factors”

The 2nd Set of Eyes

2nd set of eyes


I got an unbelievable testimonial yesterday. I reviewed a business plan for a friend because it really just sounded fun. Plus after meeting with small business after small business, I’ve learned that not everyone thinks the way I do. Here’s what he sent:

“Dan –

I was only expecting a one or two sentence response.  The response you did give was unbelievable.  That was probably the most thought provoking and on target coaching I’ve received in 15-years (even from my home office). This really shows your business prowess. Thank you, I’ll be busy for awhile going through your comments point-by-point. Thanks again.” Continue reading “The 2nd Set of Eyes”

Why business tracking tools are important

Business tracking tools are everywhere, but most businesses are not using them. Tracking phone numbers if you place ads in newspapers, tracking the open rate of your e-mails, tracking sales to customer contacts. . . .How do you know where to put your money if you don’t know what’s really working?

Some businesses rely on the overall “marketing effect” to drive sales. They track sales dollars versus marketing dollars to determine if the marketing is a success. But what if I took away the Yellow Page completely and your sales stayed the same? That would save $1,500 / year.

What if, instead, I increased the frequency of Craigslist ads and your income increased by 200%? Without tracking you’ll never know what works. What doesn’t work well. And what is clearly a waste of time.

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