TEDx Nashville Brilliance

tedHave you ever been to a TED event?
I very much wish I’d had a bus and could’ve bring you and all
my other friends to TEDx Nashville. I won’t say that every
speech has been great, but there were a couple that were just fantastic!

My favorite, by far, was a speech by Greg Stielstra, the author of PyroMarketing. He said what you and I know about social media but in such an astute way that it just grabs your attention immediately.

If you want to just watch it, please do so I posted the video of his speech right here:

Yes, right here. Click these blue letters:)

If you don’t well. . . that was the whole point of this – so rethink that.

Anyway Greg talks about the power of social proof, something we don’t use enough of in our marketing efforts. People do what they “think they should do” based on what others do. Social Proof isn’t necessarily saying “Bobbi Jo did it, why aren’t you?”. It’s more like McDonald’s putting on their sign “Over 1 Billion Hamburgers Sold”.

Ever see an infomercial without testimonials?

If you can show people what others are doing, they’ll be more likely to do it. He illustrates that with a great Candid Camera clip showing what happens if 3 people in an elevator are all facing the back. What does the 4th do?

Most importantly he succinctly explains WHY social media works and why the classic marketing methods of old just aren’t as effective anymore.

I urge you to watch it. I’d give you more, but Greg says it so much better. Here’s the Video!