Supporting Keywords

One of my clients asked what articles she needed to be writing. So I sent her a list of keywords I need her to write articles about. The funny thing is, none of them were directly related to people hiring her.

None of them were keywords like “why you should hire me”.

I’m sure that stumped her, though she didn’t say as much. You see Google’s entire goal is to return search results that are relevant to a searcher’s query. They use the three basic criteria to evaluate every page on the internet and from that they decide on which page to show the result.

Here are those three criteria.

1. Keywords
2. Links
3. Social interaction

In future installments I’ll talk about 2 and 3 in more detail. But know now that the links coming into your site are just as important as the link structure inside your site. And Google knows that if lots of people are commenting on your blog articles, it’s socially relevant today.

But let’s get back to “those other keywords”. . .

Suppose you are an ice cream vendor on the beach. Your highest margin ice cream is Island Berry. Nobody’s ever heard of it, but you make twice as much selling it. Suppose you decide one day to sell only Island Berry knowing that your profit margin will be out the roof.

Well, with only Island Berry advertised on the side of the cart, very few people approached and bought ice cream. No matter who it was, everyone asked what other flavors you had. Some turned away after hearing none.

As the Island Berry test failed miserably, you decide on the second day that you’re going to advertise chocolate, vanilla, rocky road, chocolate mint and island berry. You notice that the other flavors got many people to approach the cart, and you made money but few bought Island Berry. By the end of the day, you’d unfortunately run out of Rocky Road – but made very little money.

Finally, on the third day you decide that enticing chocolate lovers to the wagon wasn’t the trick. Instead you advertised Raspberry, Pina Colada, Coconut and Baja Banana. Yep, you hit it out of the park. Not only did you entice people to the cart but many were willing to buy Island Berry.

Google works in a similar way. If you want your blog post about Learning Disabilities to rank well in Google, it would behoove you to write one about “Famous People with Learning Disabilities” and link it to the first.  You’ve got to prove to Google, just like beachgoers, what your site is about. Putting Rocky Road, Chocolate and Vanilla on the side make it clear you’re an ice cream vendor – not a tropical flavors ice cream vendor.


The question is. . . what keywords do you need linked to your blog post that explain to Google, by themselves, what your post is about?
There happens to be 19 other keywords that Google will tell you are related directly to your blog post title. Those, while maybe not your money posts, will greatly help your main blog post get ranked highly for your keyword.

So don’t just write about Island Berry, make sure there’s a post about Pina Colada linked to it.

Let me know if you like to see exactly how to set up a keyword theme map. It’ll show you not only what to write about, but how to internally link the posts within your blog.

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