Hyphenated Domain Names

domain names

I got a few tweets the last couple weeks about hyphenated domain names. I wasn’t sure why at first but then remembered I’d made a couple YouTube videos on the subject.

Well, the conversation ended up being colossal with many people on Twitter chiming in at which time I thought I’d write an entire blog post on the subject and give good quality examples.

The question is “Do hyphens affect your search results?” And the answer is. . . well, not clear.  How can you really test that? It’s not possible.

What I did do was explain with examples, why I don’t think it adversely affects your search ranking. And why in some cases, it’s a real good idea.

So instead of my notes from that conversation, I’d like you to check out my blog post on the subject and see what you think.

Do hyphens matter or not? And why does this subject matter to you anyway?

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