Podcamp Nashville: Untapped Local Resource

Podcamp Nashville is one of the largest Podcamp events nationwide, did you know that? As a local resource for social marketing and all things internet, it’s almost like the Internet Knowledge Superbowl here in town. There really isn’t anything bigger or better (unless you count its sister event, Barcamp Nashville).

But have you heard of it?

In the same breath, we meet with local businesses all the time who need help growing their business. 99% of the ones we meet with weekly just don’t know anything about the power of the internet. I might as well be speaking Greek when I start talking about the utility of autoresponders, squeeze pages, e-mail parsing and WordPress. And amazingly, that goes for the students we spend time with at our local Universities, too.

This stuff just isn’t common knowledge yet.

And while the media’s advertising and marketing folks are learning how to use these tools to benefit their companies, the innovators or innovations of these tools rarely make ripples in our popular culture. You can almost credit Steve Jobs alone for getting iPad launch events into the news. Can you imagine if they had done that 20 years ago for every new PDA launch from Palm?

Unfortunately the only people who get hurt by the relative anonymity of Podcamp is the small business owners. From our seminars and presentations, we know small business owners are eating up every piece of content they can in hopes of learning how to increase their revenue. But their time is very limited. And its the stuff you learn at Podcamp that can really change the revenue model of small businesses.

With that I charge you this task. If you know a savvy small business owner (plumber, CPA, hair stylist, etc. . . ), drag them to Podcamp Nashville.  These are not easy economic times, yet in the span of one day you can open up to them a world they never knew existed.

Imagine if the local bird seed guy walks away from Podcamp Nashville having found a new way to drive customers into his store? What if that guy starts a podcast that garners 5,000 “bird feeding” enthusiasts over the next year and from that he hires two more people? Now we’re talking about changing lives with one afternoon.

If you serve local businesses, call all your prospects – the people whose business you’d like to earn. Give them the opportunity to enrich themselves with Podcamp’s information wealth. Perhaps it is only vision that they lack in moving forward with your company. Podcamp is about vision – it’s about hearing and seeing what is possible. Some people say “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats forever”.

I say “Give a man a blog and he’s thankful, take him to Podcamp Nashville and he’ll see what is possible.” That’s when business relationships change, too.

Podcamp Nashville is an untapped resource for local business owners in Nashville. If you know someone who’s hungry to help his business grow, bringing them to Podcamp may change that business’s future forever. Please, check out the Podcamp Nashville website, register, and read about the sessions. But don’t worry about finding the Check Out Page or the Session Pricing Page. Those pages aren’t there – Podcamp is free!

Tell me again why you couldn’t convince a small business owner to attend?

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