Kudos to the Twitter Gods!

As I’m sure you know, I suffered a small Twitter set-back yesterday when my Twitter account was deleted and all my connections with it. Well, I panicked at first (that last 3.37 minutes) and started to regroup. I sent e-mails to support@twitter.com with no return feedback. I did internet research and then struck gold.

I found http://www.twitter.com/about and got myself to the HelpDesk where I put in a support ticket. At first I held out hope that my inquiry would be solved in minutes, then hours – then I gave up. Well, less than 12 hours later I got a simple reply. Inquiry Solved.

The Great Twitter Gods and their processes solved my problem. I did not for a second forget that Twitter is free, as is their support, their problem solving, their connection making, their utility.

Thanks be to Twitter. Let this lesson be a lesson . . . to me.

And if you want to read about all the lessons go to TwitterGlitch.com

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