Keywords for my client


Every single job we do for clients starts with the this question:

“how does the client make money?”

Without FULLY understanding how you make money or how you want to make money, you’ll never know where to start with keywords or any type of optimization.

In the case of our tutoring client, they help everyone from elementary school students with reading issues to college kidsstudying for the LSAT. So where do we position them?

When you’re figuring that out for yourself, it’s very important to determine what kind of work you want to be doing long term. In the case of our tutor, we we really want to attract the college kid who’s studying for his last exam, as a test prep client? Or do we want the elementary school kid who has 10 years of exams and tutoring ahead of him?

Does that future income possibility come into play? What’s our greatest long term income source?

The second thing you want to look at is yourself. Do you want to be updating your website forever because your audience requires up-to-the-second daily information, or would you like to find a stream that allows you to take a vacation?

Another thing to look at is the future viability and saleability of your business. What would a potential investor or new owner want to see?

  • Will they be more interested in a thriving high school test prep books business?
  • Would they rather see thousands of visitors per day, clicking on ads as income?
  • Or does a growing book of clients with 12 years of sales ahead of them sound best?

If you can figure out the clients you want, you can figure out the path those clients of yours took to get to you and then maximize those keywords online.

The question becomes. Who do you want?  This life is really about you, isn’t it? So start designing a business that really makes you happy. Even if your ideal client isn’t the one that makes you the most money, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on them.

When you’re really good at something, and people appreciate your service – money will follow.

Can you do the necessary research to figure out who you need appreciating you?

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