Great Call to Action

Infomercials are just horrible aren’t they? It’s OK, you can agree. I’ve spent the last 6 years in the infomercial business and am quite aware of all the crappines.
But I can tell you thing for sure – there is an equation that makes an infomercial successful. And little strategic tweaks can get you there every time.
The most important part of an infomercial is the call-to-action. That’s the part where the infomercial ends and the mini-commercial starts with the phone number starts.
That call-to-action is exactly what it sounds like “a request that you take action”. The success of the infomercial doesn’t depend on the call-to-action itself, it’s the offer that’s being made.
Let me say that another way. . . as long as there is a call-to-action, the only thing you really have to test is the price and the value. When you can find a price and value that really gets
people buying – the commercial pays for itself.
Without that call. . . not a single person would order the product.
So how can you have a call-to-action without sounding spammy, or salesy or just plain ridiculous? Well there are hundreds of ways.
In article marketing the action request happens in the author box when you tell the reader to click the link for more information. I mean – they’re reading the article aren’t they? So telling them where they can learn more is just natural.
In blog posts that call is often the request that you leave a comment, or click a link. If the reader got to the bottom of the post anyway – it makes sense.
I haven’t seen the call-to-action done very well in video. Occasionally I’ll see something great – as is the case today. So my action request of you is to click the link at the end of this paragraph and watch the entire video (or at least the last 30 seconds). You’ll see a call-to-action that is not only classy, but makes you want to do it. Watch the video!

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