Facebook Isn’t for You Is It?

yay-7256124When you want a Facebook Page –  that’s when you shouldn’t create one. There is nothing strategic about “wanting”.  From a business standpoint, Facebook is a tool no less or more useful than is a hammer for a handyman.
If you’ve spent anytime trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your Facebook page – you’ve thought it backwards.
Your customers are your business and thus your time should be spent on any one of three things as it pertains to that:
1.How do you serve your customers? Avoid thinking of things that will improve your customer service and instead work on things that will improve the lives and ambitions of your customers.
2.How do you attract new customers to your business? If you map the ambitions of your customers so you can clearly see where they start and where they finish – you’ll have a better handle on the messaging you need to reach different people at their varied stages of need.
3. What should I do with past customers? Your goal here, once you’ve considered them graduated from you, is to work on showing them you care about their continued development. Be there to help them. Engage and work towards turning every customer into a cheerleader.
And in determining if you should have a Facebook page or not, explore for yourself what Facebook is. No matter how you slice it, Facebook is a DAILY social sharing and discussion forum.
It’s not a place to post customer bids.
It’s not a place to discuss personal customer issues.
It’s not a place to post your drunken Mardi Gras photos.
It’s not a place to announce your daily restaurant specials.
It is a place of engagement.
In the lives of your customers, how can social engagement make them better? Are there customer service issues that are so common you’d be better off publicly discussing the solutions thereby saving your business time? Is your industry so tight knit a public forum would just be plain fun for the group? Is the process of becoming an expert in your industry something your customers are proud of and would love to be singled out and highlighted for?
The question should be “what should we do to improve our business?” And then the question should be “what are the best tools to
accomplish the job?”
Finally, after you’ve narrowed the field you’ll need to decide if this venture is something that will attract new customers or not. Will it embarrass or empower?
Does this make sense to the bottom line? Now. . . you can decide if a Facebook page makes sense. For more on Niche Internet Marketing Click here.