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The Bloggers “Coffee <br>” Shirt

Our most popular blogging shirt of the month has consistently been the “Coffee <br>” shirt. We love it when we run across someone in an airport or at a conference wearing one of our shirts. It’s awesome.

Bloggers love the shirts because they combines something they love, coffee, with a language they understand . . . code.

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If you don’t know the <br> is a computer code term. It means “break”. In code I would add that notation after a paragraph, for example, so the computer knew that the next line was blank. It’s a break. So. . .

Coffee  <br>= Coffee Break

The shirts that bloggers love to wear aren’t necessarily shirts that literally say “I’m a blogger” but rather statements that identify them as part of the community AND say something to be proud.

Some of our other popular shirts are:

travelblog thriftersticker blogger2008 bchashtag

So if you’re looking to get a shirt as a gift for a blogger, look no further than We’ve got all kinds of shirts. We add a new shirt each month.

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