Your message determines your audience

Don’t underestimate the power of your message. When you connect with your audience with the right message, they’ll also connect with you.  And in some instances, the message alone will set you light years ahead of your competition.

I was listening to Paul Winkler, a local investment coach, talk about how to hire a good investment guy on his radio show the other day. He was talking about asking tough questions before actual hiring the guy to run your finances.

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Adding Value with Giant Marshmallows

Making the S'Mores a bit betterMy wife brought home giant marshmallows this past weekend. Seriously, they’re giant – the size of 4 marshmallows  perhaps. When my kids saw those  – all I heard from them for the next 2 days was  “can we make s’mores?”  I don’t know when marshmallows were invented, but for at least the last 25 years there’s been 2 sizes: regular and hot chocolate size. That’s it.

Of course, during that time the marshmallow people have experimented with colors, shapes and flavors and even miniatures, but to my knowledge – “jumbo” was like 2% bigger. The folks at the marshmallow company could have spent hours and days and weeks coming up with a brand new product – and perhaps they did, but someone there had the job of adding value to marshmallows. And from my kids’ point of view Giant Marshmallows are way better.

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