Your message determines your audience

Don’t underestimate the power of your message. When you connect with your audience with the right message, they’ll also connect with you.  And in some instances, the message alone will set you light years ahead of your competition.

I was listening to Paul Winkler, a local investment coach, talk about how to hire a good investment guy on his radio show the other day. He was talking about asking tough questions before actual hiring the guy to run your finances.

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Here are some of those questions:

  • Are you legally obligated to act in my best interests at all times? If so, are you willing to put that in writing?”
  • “Will you disclose all potential conflicts of interest?”
  • “In what ways are you compensated?”

These were some questions everyone should know about their financial guy before hiring them. Think about the tough questions people should be asking of you before hiring you? How are your competitors going to answer?


Where your answers differ and put you on a higher plane is not only your unique selling proposition – but the message you should be pushing to your audience. If you’re the financial guy who always works in the best interest of the client, makes no money other than what is earned through your activities and you have no conflicts of interest – speak it loud and clear on your website. Who else can say that?

While this kind of messaging is crucial to creating a connection with your future clients, don’t forget to find out what’s important to them, too.  If you spend your time speaking about your ethics when most people only want to hear your prices – you’ll lose that connection.

What can’t be stressed enough is interviewing. Interview and survey your clients regularly. What are they saying when they refer you? Why do they like you? And what were they looking for before they found you.

These are the kinds of nuggets that will lead you to the tough questions they should be asking and ultimately to the messaging you should be speaking back. So what are the questions in your industry that set you apart? And how are you going to turn them into assets?

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