Google Wave, Twitter, Facebook, Latitude and Outlook: The Future

Have you seen what Google Wave is all about yet? It honestly will change the face of the internet forever. There’s no going back. Even if Google Wave fails, if no one uses it – there’s no way to put back the ideas they’ve presented.

Imagine if AOL had failed? Would the internet had failed? I don’t think so. The idea behind the collaborative sharing that AOL put together could never be forgotten and so it shall be with the Wave. [Read more…]

Kudos to the Twitter Gods!

As I’m sure you know, I suffered a small Twitter set-back yesterday when my Twitter account was deleted and all my connections with it. Well, I panicked at first (that last 3.37 minutes) and started to regroup. I sent e-mails to with no return feedback. I did internet research and then struck gold.

I found and got myself to the HelpDesk where I put in a support ticket. At first I held out hope that my inquiry would be solved in minutes, then hours – then I gave up. Well, less than 12 hours later I got a simple reply. Inquiry Solved.

The Great Twitter Gods and their processes solved my problem. I did not for a second forget that Twitter is free, as is their support, their problem solving, their connection making, their utility.

Thanks be to Twitter. Let this lesson be a lesson . . . to me.

And if you want to read about all the lessons go to

9/14/09 – The Day of My Twitter Glitch

Today, I was jolted from my comfort zone and thrust into something new. I accidentally deleted my Twitter account today, and with it the connections to all my friends in the Twitter-verse.  I was in the midst of deciding whether or not to sign up for Ironman Wisconsin.   The entry fee for the race is now $576 – up from $350 in 2001. To give myself a few minutes to digest that enormous price tag, I typed into my browser. [Read more…]

The January NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop) – The Action Plan!

Are you going to the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop in January? If not, then register right now and get the early bird special before the price shoots up.  (Here, Right here. . .)

Now that you’re going, let’s talk about how you’re going to get the most of the weekend. How do you get the most of anything? You have a plan in hand, that’s how. So let’s create that plan.

1st of all. . you’re going to meet a bunch of people so let’s put on the plan:

  • How Should I Leverage the People I Meet?

Niche Affiliate Marketing System

This is important because you’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with people who can help you AND people you can help. Maybe you could interview some of them for your site, maybe you could create a mastermind group with some of them. Some have regular BlogTalkRadio shows. Do you want to be a guest? What about a guest blogger? Is there something you’d like to feature on your site, but you’re not knowledgable enough? Write that down. Don’t just write down “get an interview with a presenter” – that’s not a plan. Figure out why you want to interview a presenter and make sure that’s what you talk about. If you have a garden site, maybe it would be nice to have a short video on landscaping techniques. Write that down and seek out “landscaping niche” people when you get there.

To give you a headstart, find out what the instructors specialize in before coming in January. Sure, keep tabs on the Twitter #NAMS hash tag search for other people attending but here’s a list to get you started:

(These are the people I believe are slated to be presenters, but there may be more, may be less, may be some different one as well. To see a list of the people who’ve attended NAMS events in the past go to

Next, you’re going to attend a bunch of educational sessions so let’s add:

  • Determine What I Need To Learn From Each Session

There will be a schedule. Read the schedule. If traffic building is a topic, write down what you’re doing now and what specific problems are occurring. If “how to create a product” is a topic and you have never even considered that, start thinking about what kind of product would be nice to focus on while you’re at the workshop. Going back to the gardening example, would your customers like “7 tips on planting roses?” If so, make a note of that so come workshop time you don’t spend time trying to figure out what you’re going to do. And so what if you don’t get it done. Once you learn how, you can do it anytime.

Next, there are traditionally two kinds of people that go to the NAMS events. The first kind are the people who have a website (or websites) and want to market them better. The second kind are the people who just want to learn more about internet marketing but don’t have anything yet. Either way the next bullet point is the same:

  • When I Return from NAMS, what knowledge will have made it all worth it?

That one is important because even if you learn 1,000 things while you’re there, it will bug you if you get back and still don’t know how to do “X”. So unless you write down what you’d like to learn, there’s a possibility you just won’t remember to ask. Seriously think this one through. “It’d be nice to know how to create pages on my blog. . .”It’d be nice to know how to submit an e-book to Amazon”. It doesn’t matter if it has anything to do with Niche Marketing. You’re going to be in the presence of people who’ve probably done what you’re wondering about. Don’t let that thought slip by.

And finally . . .

  • What physical products do I need?

This is an important one too because you can come home from the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop with actual things. Videos, articles, interviews, business cards, appointments (and even movie making software if you go crazy trying to win it). What would be good to have? A completed e-book? Someone saying “check out” on video? Someone interviewing you for your site? An article written and published, a picture of you with Willie Crawford wearing a shirt that says “I love”..

Don’t register for NAMS and wait.


Create a plan.

And get ready for fun.