You Get Traffic From What?

I love it when I hear about people who get crazy traffic from weird places. I mean. . . it’s just awesome. And there are some crazy places sites get traffic like Google Groups, Flickr, FoodGawker, Google Images, other bloggers and even uploaded .pdf searches.

But traffic alone isn’t a business builder. For some any traffic is great because they make money on page views alone. But what do you have when that traffic goes away?

This is a list of places that many get traffic from. I’ve sorted the list from the least effective source of business building traffic to the most. Many of these places are great for other things, this list is specifically directed at traffic.

For instance the top articles spinners and . . traffic coming from these places don’t typically have any interest in your site before they get there. They just arrive. ┬áTake contests for example, ever get 3,000 visitors to a contest page and then the next day get 12? Yeah, they were just interested in the free thing and could care less about the 90 hours you spent on your last blog post.




While forums seem to have gone to the wayside since the advent of social media, apps like Tapatalk keep them brimming with traffic and conversation. I know of sites that are getting upwards of 5,000 visitors per day from forums like Mark’s Daily Apple, Diaper Swappers, WhatToExpect, and . . just oodles of traffic every day as people share links and ideas.

Before we get into all the crazy ways you can get traffic, listen to the call we did aptly named “You Get Traffic From What?” and be updated on our upcoming calls here:

Stay with us this month as we talk about Instagram-like sites, Forums and syndication.