They Just Gave It Away


Ever heard of Sharyn Sheldon? How about Peg Baron?

They’re PLR Specialists. They spend their time writing and researching great content. Then they package that content and sell it to businesses who could use it to educate their audiences. I suppose those businesses could hire a writer, but PLR is a cleaner option than hiring a writer. (No payroll to start with).

But I’m not writing you to tell you about PLR. You can check out Sharyn’s site on your own, if you want. She’s got plenty ofinformation about what it is and how you use it.

Both Peg and Sharyn do some cool ninja marketing that I wanted to share with you.

First, let’s think about PLR and the hurdle you must overcome to buy it. To start you’re just buying a title or a subject, you don’t really know if the content in the article is good. And you’re not sure if you want to fork over money just to see it.

I would think people have that issue.

So how do you overcome that? You give away samples, just like they do at the grocery store, right?

Anyone can figure that out and do that. But Sharyn and Peg have taken that to the next level.

Sharyn decided to create an actual product package of her PLR articles. She then actively decided to get in front of her target market (on an internet marketing forum) and just plain gave it to them for free!

Of course the customers had to sign up to get it. So now she’s got over 100 people on a list who are internet marketers, who wanted PLR for their business AND who now know the quality of her work. Brilliant!

Now over to Peg. She saw that I was doing a 100 Articles in 100 Days Challenge. So she sent me a note saying “Good Luck” and with that attached a free bundle or her “article starters”.

So right when she knew I was going to be writing content, she got her free “sample” content in my hands. Brilliant!

What can you take from that? Two things. They identified one obstacle people had to overcome to buy their stuff.They took the solution directly to their target market. As I always say, “Hope is not a marketing plan”. You can clearly see Sharyn and Peg aren’t relying on it. ¬†For more on Niche Internet Marketing click here.