Teleseminar Anatomy

Businesswoman Reading PaperworkI got an e-mail this week from a client who’d received an “advice request” on her blog. The reader explained their situation and just wanted to know what my client would suggest she do.

Well, that’s the perfect scenario for a group coaching call – or teleseminar. Not only does my client now have the topic of the teleseminar, but a potential case study and fodder for her material. And when completed, she’s got a new “product” to repurpose 101 other ways.

What makes this strategy really effective is when you have built a list of people who would be interested in the topic. In this instance we’re talking about a parent who’s worried that her high school daughter’s grades are getting worse. What to do?

If we’d already built a list of “parenting issues” people, we could send an email to that list telling them about this upcoming call. We could even provide a few of the details of the situation we’re going to discuss to excite other parents in the same boat.

(One of the keys here is to set-up the Registration opt-in box so that attendees not only get added to the Teleseminar subscription list – but also to the “parenting issues” list so you can contact them again about future events.)

The telewebcast itself . . the key to success is knowing the path the attendees need to take to get from A to Z (whatever “Success is). What steps do they need to take to see some progress? If you can instruct them on the path and give them concrete steps to take – where they’ll see the results you tell them about – you’ll have them. You’ll be able to sell one-on-one coaching, a book, more group coaching. . . whatever.  Teach them a few steps and they’ll want to know the rest.

Finally, the 2nd part of this is the email part. Once the attendees get on your list, you’ve got their attention – but how do you keep it? You’ve got to be disciplined to send out e-mails to that list talking about your next webcasts, giving them good advice and keeping you in their thoughts. Make the e-mails interesting, informative and interactive – and they’ll want to open them each time.

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