Super Duper Holiday Marketing Sale Bundle

In getting ready for 2014 and a new year of Blogging Concentrated, I’ve decided to part with some of my great training materials. There are a variety of books, audio CD’s and software that you’re going to love. This is a major collection of information that will keep your .mp3 occupied for 6 months of learning.

There is only 1 Bundle. 1st Buyer Wins

Take a look. I’m selling it altogether, one box to your address. So the first one to pipe up and pay is the winner!!!


Online and Offline Marketing Master Level Curriculum

And from the Home Business Success Academy (Joshua Fuson and Marvin Lightbowne) comes this fantastic Offline and Online Marketing Curriculum. Wait till you see what’s included:

Introduction How to use, apply and get success with your training (3 disks)

Course 1: Non-Internet Techniques to generate huge quantities of targeted leads. How to get prospects to pay you to talk to them Information Marketing (4 disk) Offline Lead Generation (2 disks). There are some real gems in here. I thought the stuff about getting your readers to prequalify themselves was brilliant.

Course 2: Time Management (4 Disks) How to Master your time and triple your results. Time to get focused. Some really smart strategies to get the important stuff done.

Course 3: Business Strategy to maximize your results, increase profits and grow your organization Business Strategy (4 disks)

Course 4: Advanced Prospecting . The Secrets to finding the right person and grabbing their attention (4 disks)

Course 5: Advanced Prospecting and Closing Techniques 202 (4 Disks). From a copy writing perspective I thought this stuff was amazing. Overcoming objections, using social proof. It was awesome. Some of the examples are from telemarketing, which made it really easy to understand. If you can think of your blog post as a script. . . you’ll really get this.

Course 6: Closing Overcoming Objections, Answering Questions and Demonstrating Confidence (3 disks)

Course 7: Internet Traffic and Copywriting. How to drive huge quanitites of targeted visitors to your website and unleash the power of the written word to sell. Internet Traffic (4 disk) Copy Writing (4 disks)

Online Visibility Training

And I’d love to introduce you to Denise Wakemen, an expert blogger who excels in improving your online visibility. Her book 5 Critical Tactics for Business Blogging Success (which includes an audio CD) is jam packed to boost your online visibility. It’s a fantastic read (or listen).  What I love about Denise is that she’s maintained the same core focus since I met her at NAMS 5 years ago. She’s not the Facebook lady today and the WordPress person tomorrow. She’s been about Blog Success since the beginning.


Google Website Optimizer / Experiments Training

Google Website Optimizer training guide from ROI Revolution. If you’ve wondered about A/B testing pages, this is a great course on the theories and practices behind it. Google has recently renamed the buttons in Google Analytics, but anyone reading this guide will understand how to get it done.


Google+ Training from Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan’s Google+ for Business Google+ is quickly maturing into an incredibly valuable channel for profitable business–and, because many of your competitors haven’t discovered it yet, it offers you huge new opportunities. Google+ for Business, Second Edition, will help you grab those opportunities right now.Top social media speaker and business advisor Chris Brogan will help you get great results fast, without wasting time or money. This fully updated second edition distills the experiences of leading-edge Google+ business adopters into powerful tactical recipes for everything from lead generation and nurturing to direct sales. Packed with new examples and case studies, it guides you through using Google+ for promotion, customer service, community building, referrals, collaboration, and much more. From start to finish, the focus is on results: generating more customers and more cash at the lowest possible cost!


Tax Tips for Writers and Entreprenuers

Carol Topp’s Business Tips and Taxes for WritersAre you a writer serious about making money and keeping it? Business Tips and Taxes for Writers takes the mystery out of the tax code and allows you to understand the business of being an author.
You will learn:
>The best business structure for writers
>Special tax breaks for writers
>Legitimate tax deductions
>Writing as a ministry
>Simple and easy record keeping
>Dealing with inventory and sales tax

And, so much more! This informative book will help you keep your hard earned money and have the peace of mind associated with doing it correctly!


Teleseminars Training

Cyndi Dawson of Teleseminar Secrets is legendary when it comes from how to profit from them. Cindi is the teleseminar coach that experts in every field depend on to keep them up to date on all the latest ways to use teleseminars for business building and profitability. In this audio she reveals 7 fantastic strategies to profit from teleseminars.

(And an unrelated bonus because it fit into the picture) I met John G. Miller, the QBQ Guy, at the Beech Retreat Blogging Conference in early 2013. His talk on Personal Accountability was fantastic and is encapsulated on this audio CD. If you’ve got kids, you’re really going to love his message.  His QBQ stands for the Question Behind the Question and helps you understand how you can help solve problems that are often thought of as others

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Learn the In’s and Out’s of Domain Names Audio Training

Not sure if you’re familiar with Anthony Morrison, but he’s built a pretty awesome internet empire and informercial business. This 7 disc Mastery Level Education series includes:

  • Domain Name Investing Strategies
  • Domain Name Buying and Selling Strategies
  • Domain Parking
  • Google Marketing
  • Media Buying Affiliate Marketing
  • and 3 Quick Profit Tips

Google Adwords basics

Adwords Basics for Dummies This mini guide covers how to set up adwords accounts, write winning ads and optimize your keywords. It’s a Google Special Edition, too. Topics covered include conducting quick and cheap market research, crafting a message that cuts through the clutter, choosing AdWords settings, bidding on keywords, setting a maximum daily spend, improving the Web page that an ad points to, testing strategies, tracking results, and using Web analytics tools


Photo Editing Software

BONUS: Microsoft Digital Image Suite for organizing, editing, creating, sharing and archiving photos. (PC version NOT MAC)

This collection of educational materials is worth $4,321. For this holiday sale, I’m sending it to you for $277 dollars of educational joy. I’ve only got one. First person to the button gets the treasure