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Before you dive into our Pinterest and Image Marketing talk, know there is some additional information below the video that came up during the discussion. Please check that out as well.


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I hope that call was useful to you. You can see there were a couple questions that didn’t get fully answered. I’ve added that information here.

1. How do you make a “pinnable image”?

I thought it would be best if I made a quick tutorial for you. It’s less than 5 minutes (since I used the free screen capture service Jing to make it). I show you exactly which buttons to press and how to take an ordinary image and make it something special.  Click this link Image Editing Tutorial to go directly to the video.

I also include several different examples of “pinnable images” including infographics, photo instructions and this kind here.

2. Via email I got this follow-up question: 

I heard you say that you should only use your own pics that you have taken yourself, or ones you have purchased.  What about if you are an affiliate of someone and they say you can use their images?  Or in a dropship arrangement, where you are given a datafeed of images.  Are those ok legally to use?”

So this is a legal / insurance / liability question. It’s a great question and shows that the person asking it is truly thinking like a professional.  In the case of the affiliate, if you’re afforded the images to be used as marketing material you have a pretty good case that you were given rights and authority to use them.  If the image is of the product itself, you’ve got no issues. If the image is a woman smiling at an amusement park and looks like a stock photo – maybe you should ask. Always move forward while protecting your rear.

3. List of sites we spoke about:

Pinerly – Great place to collect stats and data regarding your Pinterest account. According to Pinerly, I have 20 invitations to hand out. In theory that means this link can only be used 20 times. Good Luck! – If you need an invite still, email me. I can send you one. They don’t give out links like Pinerly, there’s a form I have to fill out with your email addy.

IFTTT – Amazing site for automating a great deal of your world. You’ll love it if you use Gmail, Evernote, Pinterest, Twitter, or Youtube. So many options. This is an online place to connect with other Instagram users. My account is here: and the example we showed with the photographer is – The largest photo sharing site on the net, and at the moment the shining jewell of the Yahoo! empire. Great place to connect with others in your niche via photos.

Marketing Calendar This discussion about Pinterest and Image Marketing is a module in our Marketing Calendar Blueprint.  The calendar should be your friend and should help you become not only more efficient, but more in tune with your audience. We teach you how to map out your customer’s ladder of value and determine when they need the next piece of information in their journey with you. We teach you how the show The Bachelor markets to their audience and how you can apply that to your efforts. And there’s a great interview with Carrie Wilkerson about her motive matrix. Fascinating stuff.

Pinterest 101 We created a Pinterest 101 video showing you exactly how to sign up, how to pin, how to use affiliate links in your pins, getting the SEO right on Pinterest and a few other things. A bunch of that we covered in this video, but if you need a 101 course to get the basics right, this one is great.





7 thoughts on “Lynn Terry’s Pinterest and Image Marketing”

  1. Thanks for the kudos. I take it you clicked on the Pinerly link and you still have to wait? What a bummer that is. There’s only 100 other sites that offer Pinners statistics – so you could jump to another. I think is another one. Good luck and what a pain that is. 🙂

  2. Hi Lynn, and thank you and Dan for such an awesome webinar. So helpful and informative. Before the webinar i hardly new anything about Pinterest and now i not only know so much more but am joining in on the fun. Thank you for your brilliance, truely awesome.

  3. Hi Dan, very informative webinar, did you realize that when you check source to see what was pinned from your site it doesn’t show the ones you pinned, only ones others have pinned from your site.

  4. Hi Dan and thank you for the interesting webinar!
    I love the “move forward while protecting your rear!” Always a good strategy! LOL

    I have to tell you, I went straight to Pinerly after the webinar. I guess I am on a waiting list
    until they decide to open it up to more people… so to see if your link made a difference I hopped on another browser and used another email… nope, still the same for that too. Guess we just need to be patient. Patience has never been my virtue. heh heh…

    Thanks again for some GREAT tips! I never knew about the hashtags! Now I have to get in the habit of using them! That was only one of many good things that even those of us that have been using Pinterest learned and profited from! Thanks and thanks some more!


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