Make Products Guaranteed to Sell


So there’s a great way to make your own products without worrying about whether they’re going to sell or not.  In fact you could say there is a 100% foolproof way to figure out what your audience will buy.

The first thing you need to know is that people don’t buy products – they buy labels, titles and headlines. In fact, most people don’t look through the Table of Contents on Amazon before they buy the book.

They base their purchase on referral and the title.

Kids buy toys that way too. If the squirt gun looks good on the box – it’s bound to be fun.

So find a product you think your niche will like. But make sure that the company providing the product will also give you the click through analytics. What’s crucial is knowing how many people clicked your ad. One way or another you need to know that.

The easiest way is to get an Clickbank account and find an ebook or video there. But don’t use their ad in your sidebar, make your own.

Then until you have a 10% click through rate, keep changing the product (or the ad) in the sidebar for every 1,500 visitors to your site.

When you can find a product that has 10% of your daily visitors clicking the link – that’s when you have a winner.

At that point you know your audience is interested in buying whatever claims your ad makes.Whether they actually buy the product is dependent on the sales page.

If a good percentage of people are buying it, then all you need to do is create your own product, then change the link from the affiliate company to you. And offer similar terms to the original sales page.

If not a lot of people were buying it, then you’ll have to do some testing of the offer and sales copy.

Nevertheless, with all those click throughs you have plenty of proof that your audience wants that product. Go forth with confidence.

You know what they want, now make something fantastic!  For more on the consumer buying process click here.