Crafting the Marketing Plan

yay-3618115The biggest problem most people have trying to write their marketing plan is getting stuck on the details. They got bogged in some detail and can’t move beyond it.

So don’t let details slow your plan.

Your marketing plan should almost reflect a flow chart.  Work it backwards from the day you receive your first check to now. What had to have happened for that first customer to have given you money?

Think about yourself first. Before you hand over your money to someone what does your brain need before it allows your hand to write the check?

If your customer needed to have seen or heard some social proof or testimonials, what would you have given them? What testimonials? How did you get them? Make that part of your plan. Sometimes a person needs to hear from friends that a movie is good before going to see the movie.

Did you need to be knowledgeable in their eyes? What knowledge did they need to know you had before they would do business with you?

Do you have that?If not, how are you going to get it? If you do have that, how are you going to let people know it?

Were you able to help this client in some way prior to them giving you money? Was that important to them? How could you have helped them? What kinds of things should you be doing for people as part of your marketing plan? The law of reciprocity has been proven over and over again. When someone does something for you, you’re likely going to return the favor. Right?

Did you need to be friendly? In other words, do you think they’ll give you money if they considered you a jerk? Make deciphering your personality part of your plan. Who can you ask to tell you honestly how you come off?

If they found you trustworthy, was it the smile? Your education? What was it and how are you going to let people know you’re trustworthy? Think about networking groups and social clubs like the Lions Club. Doesn’t membership give you automatic trust among other members? What’s your plan to exude trust?

Then comes the 2nd Part

What did they buy from you? How did they pay you? Were they given a proposal? How did they know to ask for a proposal? And finally. . . . what’s in this proposal they just got paid for?

Write all that down – and you’ve got a plan. Then, it’s just time to implement it. For  more on niche internet marketing click here.