Keys to the Carp Hunters Viral Video

If you haven’t seen this carp hunters video that went viral out of Peoria, IL – then you’re missing out. While it doesn’t have the giggling associated with the talking babies video – it’s got a whole lot more that makes it an instant video hit!

Watch the video, then let’s talk about what makes it great – or not so great:

So what are negative elements of this video to start with? I’d say the intro is the one thing that will have slowed its viral growth. When you can get directly to the meat of the action within seconds of pressing play, you’ve got a much better chance at someone passing it on.

While the lead-up pics of the costumes drag for a couple more seconds, they do lend to the wonder and mystique as to whether these boys are going to impale themselves or not. Without that wonder, I think most wouldn’t get to the final frame of the video.

Imagine all the angles this video features that has people recommending it to others: kids, music, speed boats, boating, danger, “holy mackeral moments”, swords, fighting, the medieval angle, water-skiing, carp fishing, jumping fish, home made costumes, spikes. . . .etc. . . This has everything you’d ever want in a viral video . . .except babies and dogs.

What do you think? As of the publishing of this post, the video has 101,231 hits (May 4, 2011). What does it have now? Take a look and leave the viewcount in the comments below.

I’ve sent out e-mails with different links to the video and will share with you what happens as some people forward it and others do not.

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