Step 16b in creating my own website

Creating your own website isn’t hard. You don’t have to know code or design or format. You just have to be willing to do research, write, re-design when you think it doesn’t look good and write some more. gives you everything else. SiteBuildit is a web company that helps you turn your ‘hobby’ or niche into a profitable, page one on Google webpage. (If you’re sold on that, you might as well go directly to their site: Continue reading “Step 16b in creating my own website”

Niche Affililate Marketing Workshop Lessons

This may seem strange, all right it is strange, but I was most moved to thought when I heard the following:

People Do Not Want 1/4″ Drill Bits, They Want 1/4″ Holes.

Sure you’ve heard that before, but for me it was a breakthrough thought. Hmm. . . people want the end result. So how do I apply that to my world? I’m actually not sure. My goal is to create the best place on the ‘net for folks to research cool places to take kids. Applying this ‘drill thought’ to my business from a logical standpoint would be to say: Continue reading “Niche Affililate Marketing Workshop Lessons”

List of Retailers Closing Shop in 2009

(See the comments section for the list of retailers thriving in 2009)

This was originally compiled after seeing a forwarded e-mail back in January. Since then, I’ve updated it as news came out. If there are more, please tell me and I’ll add them to the list. Continue reading “List of Retailers Closing Shop in 2009”

High School Reunions After Facebook

We grew up watching sitcoms, movies, hearing stories and reading books about the 10 and 20 year reunions. Typically they’re giant surprise parties. “Can you believe how much weight she gained?”, “He’s still living at home?”, “I never thought he of all people would be that successful”. That’s the kind of stuff we grew up hearing. But now that slide show of pictures that was going to guffaw everyone is played out everyday. The weight, the jobs, the families – they’re common knowledge. Putting the surprise party away, what does the reunion become? Continue reading “High School Reunions After Facebook”

How To Turn an Idea into a Business

So you’ve got this idea or special knowledge or hobby and you want to turn it into money. It’s done millions of times and I highly recommend it. If it is something you like to do, why not profit by sharing it with others who need it. So I’ve put together this little guide on how to get from A to Z. I hope you find it useful. Continue reading “How To Turn an Idea into a Business”

Finding Employment with Social Media

What is Social Media, otherwise known as Web 2.0? It’s where the internet has evolved at this point – it has become a medium of social interaction. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and lots of other sites do nothing other than connect people. And their popularity has changed the web forever. Continue reading “Finding Employment with Social Media”

How To Choose A Home-Based Business

Why even write this article?  Mainly because most people don’t realize what kinds of businesses are available and most don’t realize that successful home businesses require some work. So that being the case, some advice on how to make this decision could be life changing and lead you closer to making a successful decision. Continue reading “How To Choose A Home-Based Business”

Will Facebook Kill The Christmas Letter

So I’ve been against the annoying Christmas letters for some time, though what’s worse is the unsigned card or unsigned photo card. (I suppose most of you know that). If you get a card from me, (you got lucky because I just haven’t been motivated to get that done yet) but if you did I wrote in it.

Continue reading “Will Facebook Kill The Christmas Letter”

What is Twitter and How Do You Use It?

What is Twitter, exactly? Twitter is the ‘status line’ you find on Facebook and on MySpace – but taken to whole new level. Right now you’re pretty much using the status line to be funny, make snide remarks, or just to tell everyone that you’ve just gotten back from the grocery store. All these things are good when you’re just interacting with friends and family.

Continue reading “What is Twitter and How Do You Use It?”