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On today’s episode we tackle, Amazon’s .book extension, Google Domains, Skype in the browser, App Money, Ella WoodWard, Bitcon, Ricky Martin, Psy’s Gangman Style, What does the Fox Say?,, Barnes & Nobles, New Zealand Blogger courts, Prince William an Duchess Kate, Facebook at Work, Ship your enemies Glitter, DailyMotion vs Twitch, J. Money and Budgets are Sexy. All the tech, social media and blog headlines that Bloggers love, need and use everyday.



J. Money Ella Woodward

Mentioned Article:
Blogger socks away $470,000

Part 2: Teens take on Google, YouTube and Raddit
Medium: Andrew Watts
Blog: Budgets Are Sexy


Mentioned Article:
Blogger heals self with superfoods

Site: Deliciously Ella
Facebook: Philip on Facebook
Philip’s App: Philip’s App

[Tweet “Believeability and Originality are the foundation of blogs – Alvin Lim via @amplifypodcast”]

Skype is going to the browser

Amazon pays big books for the extension .book

You can now pin posts to the top of Google+ and see when you’re mentioned

App brings in 5 figures/month 5 years later still

Google Domains opens

New Zealand likes bloggers

Prince and Kate have twitter and Instagram

Facebook at Work? Competing with LinkedIn InMail

Ship your enemies glitter

Dailymotion competes with Twitch


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