AOL Owns What

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Amplify Podcast AOL Owns What

Today we talk about Twitter turning 9, Yahoo turns 20, AOL owns a bunch of sites, Huffington Post, AtariFit, Launcher, Gigaom, Friendfeed, Internet Explorer Dies, Blonde Salad, Sally LePage, TechCrunch and Mapquest. All the tech, social media and blog headlines that Bloggers love, need and use everyday.Listen to the latest from the Amplify Podcast



Sally LePage – Shed ScienceChiara Ferragni – Blonde Salad
Amplify Podcast Sally LePage
In the News: Sally LePage Interview Website:
Twitter: @sallylepage
YouTube: shedscience
Amplify Podcast Chiara Ferragni
In the News: Vogue put Blogger on the cover Website:
YouTube: TheBlondeSalad
Facebook: theblondesalad


Dropbox Watch

Twitter acquires Periscope


content trends

Twitter turns 9 today

AOL has come leaps and bounds

Yahoo! Is 20 Years Old.

5 new apps, Launcher and Atari Fit

Internet Explorer Closes

Gigaom Closes

FriendFeed Closes


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