Rachel on the Hot Seat


On today’s episode we talk about Dropbox, Drew Carey, Morgan Freeman, Amplify Podcast, Vine, Meerkat, Periscope, Gap, Bus Drivers, FindingJoy.net, Paul Evans, and Bob Jenkins. All those social media headlines and more.Listen to the latest from the Amplify Podcast



Rachel MartinPaul B. Evans
Rachel MartinMentioned Article:
Behind the Picture Twitter: @finding_joy
Website: findingjoy.net
Facebook: findingjoyblog
Paul B Evans
Website: paulbevans.com
YouTube: Paul Evans Live
Facebook: paulbevanslive


Ello, hello, hello, helloooo?

Is State still sparking conversations?

We’re as funny as Drew Carey

Bill Gates in Movie Product Placement

Sherry Smotherman-Short


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