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jordi, pauly and samwise get social

On today’s show we discussed Facebook Self Destruct, Gregory Ng, Frozen Food Vlogger, Facebook keyword stuffing, Facebook legal name, Dutch Girl Fake Asia Trip, Zilla Van den Burn, Buying Instagram Followers, Digiorno Tweet, Kevin Smith, Movie Tusk.

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Pauly Shore
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Food Reviewing Vlogger Quits
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Sean Astin
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Sean Astin Crowdfunds
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[Tweet “We just crossed the Million Dollar Threshold and it’s our first day” -Levar Burton]

LeVar Burton. . .Reading rainbow guy lands $1,000,000 on kickstarter

Google changed their logo

Facebook’s mic might record ambient sound – creating a “security” scare.

Shazam app

CEO Snapchat has frat tweets unearthed and is paying the price

@Kathleen, an Instagram employee, took the name @kathleen from a user and changes the user name to @___kathleen.

LinkedIn has an Instagram-like App

Facebook is growing and dying. When people leave Facebook, they go to Instagram. . . basically another

Desktop internet use is down 10%; Mobile internet is up 81%

Pauly Shore is looking for an intern via YouTube

Sean Astin started a Vox Populi podcast

WordPress 3.9 was released. . . which Google retaliated with Panda 4.0

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