Free Website Domain Name

Why do people search for “free website domain name”? I can only assume they have an idea for a perfect website concept but don’t want to pay to reserve it. Well there is a way to get a free website domain name, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay.

What is Domain Name Service

Some people ask me about the definition of domain name and other ask what is domain name service. These are basically the same question. GoDaddy is a service that, among other things, sells website names. Examples of a website name are,, or You think of them as the names of the websites, but in reality they’re called domain names.

Definition of Domain Name

I don’t have any idea what the definition of domain name is. But I can tell you it is a code word that represents a number. See, websites are really just numbered pages and the name is the clever way to represent that number. For example: is just a human friendly version of the website’s address If you just typed in the address bar, it would take you to

(Don’t want to get technical, but that number is called an IP Address).

How to Choose Domain Name

This is super easy. Go to, type in the super great name you came up with and if GoDaddy says it is available, then buy it. Done.

But if your goal is to strategically choose a domain name, then you might want to read this article 5 Steps Before You Get A Domain Name.

Finally, How To Get a Free Domain Name

My favorite website for securing free domain names is This is a website building service that features everything you could possibly need. Keyword/Domain Name Search Tools, SEO analyzing tools, link building tools, Search Engine Monitoring and Traffic monitoring tools, e-mail list builder, newsletter creator, blog creator, etc. . . etc. . . etc. AND when you use their service you get a free domain name AND website hosting.

There’s nothing better.

Open Letter to @LynnTerry (on Twitter)

Dear Lynn,

Having just spent a weekend at the (NAMS) Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop with you this weekend, I came home with a new appreciation for your 13 years of internet experience.  I’m not sure if your open, kind-hearted nature is a result of your 13 years or just who you are, but I am  appreciative.

The business world, whether on-line or off-line, is full of successful people who are more than happy to tell you what made them successful. However, what they really tell you are the self-serving things that not only foster their continued success but endear their listeners to become followers, buyers of their books and clients of their services. Most successful people are more than willing to reinforce your opinion of their success.

I have found you to be quite the opposite.  I firmly subscribe to your belief that your competition is often your friend, your competition can be your ally and when you reinforce that people who work together will find more pathways to success. You spent an entire weekend of your life (and not the first I might add) helping what many would consider to be your future competition (in some niches). And you spent a weekend helping people who may never be able to help you. That’s true sincerity.

Not only were your experiences real and open and your lessons explained easily, but your actions and efforts continually proved that our success was at the heart of your deeds.  You remind me of the Bridge Builder in Will Dromgoole’s poem, and for that I am grateful.  While I single you out in this letter, you and the other experts at NAMS, lead by an example that I hope characterizes the world of Internet Marketing going forward.

I am proud to be a NAMS student and look forward to more NAMS events, and every passing encounter.

Best regards,

Dan Morris

Learn How To Create and Sell Products in 90 Minutes

The Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop released their newest product “Create and Sell Products in 90 minutes”.  Combining the experience of Lynn Terry, Jeff Herring, Mark Hendricks and Cindi Dawson, the program not only taught how to create and sell products, but was itself a product created in 90 minutes. [Read more…]

Looking to Become a Better Affiliate in Niche Markets?

Ijust returned from the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop today that David Perdew put on. I’m pretty excited and will be Tweeting about it all week.

In case you’re not familiar with the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop and products, David Perdew has put together a “community college” for all who want to be an affilite in niche markets. He’s created products like the Niche Mall, the Niche Widget and a 10 part video series called Niche Cash Generator that allow budding internet marketers to go from nothing to “in business” in a matter of minutes. [Read more…]

Why is SiteBuildit the best legit work from home business

Well the perfect work from home job is a website builder, and there is no better program than Site Buildit. Sure, neither you nor I know anything about website building – but let me tell you what you already know to help you understand why building profitable websites with Site Buildit is the perfect work from home business.

You’re on the internet right now, along with millions of other people. Without even taking out your wallet, you’ll likely make money for someone else before you’re done sitting there. [Read more…]