Benefits of Resveratrol – One Month

We made it to the One Month point and are now moving quite quickly.

I’ll start with the good stuff this time, since some of you thought I got too deeply into the article before presenting it last time.  We haven’t moved on Google yet – we still sit comfortably on page 2 for our main keyword Benefits of Resveratrol. But I’m OK with that. [Read more…]

The Primacy of a Web Product

The SAMBA Blog’s April 8th post was on the importance of a quality product in terms of the product/marketing mix. I think that analogy can be used to describe the importance of a website’s content and function in terms of the marketing that went into planning it. [Read more…]

Benefits of Resveratrol – the SEO update

Well it’s been 3 weeks since launching the new site ( I’m proud to say that we’re on Page 2 of the most powerful search engine for 3 different keywords. Now we haven’t made a showing on Yahoo! yet, but I’ll get to that, and we’re not on Page 1, and I’ll get to that. [Read more…]