5 Steps Before You Get a Domain Name

Either you’re ready to start your internet business, or you know that you need to improve your internet business. Either way – these steps are for you. The first step is learning that going to GoDaddy to get a domain name first is the wrong approach. [Read more…]

Step 16b in creating my own website

Creating your own website isn’t hard. You don’t have to know code or design or format. You just have to be willing to do research, write, re-design when you think it doesn’t look good and write some more. gives you everything else. SiteBuildit is a web company that helps you turn your ‘hobby’ or niche into a profitable, page one on Google webpage. (If you’re sold on that, you might as well go directly to their site: http://www.sitesell.com/limitedtime.html) [Read more…]

Niche Affililate Marketing Workshop Lessons

This may seem strange, all right it is strange, but I was most moved to thought when I heard the following:

People Do Not Want 1/4″ Drill Bits, They Want 1/4″ Holes.

Sure you’ve heard that before, but for me it was a breakthrough thought. Hmm. . . people want the end result. So how do I apply that to my world? I’m actually not sure. My goal is to create the best place on the ‘net for folks to research cool places to take kids. Applying this ‘drill thought’ to my business from a logical standpoint would be to say: [Read more…]