Will Bloggers Be Going to Jail?


Today we start the show with the Haven Conference for bloggers. What a great relationship that is. The we’ve got SocialBakers.com, Twitter Reach, Asynchronous vs Synchronous media, food bloggers on trial, Dronestagr.am, and of course, Facebook.



Marc AndreesenWheat Thins

Mentioned Article:
Marc Andreessen tweets an average of 120/times a day

Blog: The Pmarca Blog
Twitter: @Pmarca
Expose: The Man Who Makes the Future

wheat thins
Mentioned Article:
Wheat thins reaches 90% of its twitter followers, Trident 500%
Site: Wheat Thins
Twitter: @Wheatthins
YouTube: Wheat Thins on Video

[Tweet Sometimes “No” changes the world as seen by Brooke Birmingham & Rosa Parks via @amplifypodcast”]

Password Changes Life

Instagram Direct

World Cup Selfie


Instagram Toolkit

Facebook boosts partisan posts

Move over Facebook – Twitter is hiding your stuff too

Projection Watch

Started with an Indiegogo campaign (apparently only models can wear this watch)


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