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This episode we talk about the Selfie Analyzer, Alex Ficquette of the Today Show, Alex on the Plaza, Reddit, Square and IFTTT, Snapchat and Snapchat Stories, Snapchat McBride, Baidu’s self-driving car, and Wikipedia and Government.

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Shaun McBride Alex Ficquette
Shaun McBride
Mentioned Article:
Snapchat Celebrity
Snapchat: The Art of Shaun
Twitter: @Shonduras
Facebook: Snapchat Fans
Alex on the plaza
Mentioned Article:
Alex on the Plaza
LinkedIn: Alex Ficquette
Twitter: @alexontheplaza
Instagram: Alex on Instagram


Wikipedia Blocks Congress

Reddit – Unprofitable

Reddit – Live Reddit

Square IFTTT

Selfie Analyzer

Baidu creates self-driving car



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