Facebook Rooms App

Looks like Facebook is continuing to expand and move their users from the traditional desktop platform to more mobile chatroom use. They’ve launched their newest app – Facebook Rooms – which is available only for the IOS operating system at this point. (I know, sorry Android users, looks like the IOS folks get to beta test this. Again. It’s bringing back memories of Instagram.)

Facebook Rooms is more of an anonymous chatroom experience. Create a room. Name your room. And then, which is where the anonymity seems to fade, send an invite using a QR Code. Yes, yes, a QR Code – is it possible we’ve found a good use?  Now, the cool thing is that once you are in the room you can set up any name you’d like for yourself. Or, if you’re like me, you can just use your real name. But the goal? Is to create that anonymous type experience.


As a creator you can set up your room using various wallpapers and images. Members can discuss whatever they’d like, share pics, and thumbs up posts.  The cool thing about rooms is that even with the anonymity it can still be a “controlled” discussion experience. Moderators/creators have the ability to flag content and keep the room on track.  Even though these are public rooms a moderator can set it up so that the room is searchable or not within the Permissions

We’ve created several rooms for Blogging Concentrated (which of course we’d love if you’d join). One on Blogging, one for Bloggers, and one highlighting Blogging Concentrated. How do you join? Simply scan our QR Code below and you’re in to our Facebook Room Community. Share your name (whichever you’d like) and let’s start chatting about blogging.



Have you created a room for your community yet? Jon Loomer, the Facebook expert,  has already. And if so – what do you think?

In fact – our challenge to you is to be ahead of the curve. Create your blog’s room. Create one for your niche. It’s so new and this could be an awesome opportunity to try something new before it becomes crazy popular.

Will this be Facebook’s answer to migrating people? They’ve been trying for months and months and months. Some have worked. Others vanished – um, hello Slingshot. Facebook Rooms is so new that it will be interesting to see if it catches on and actually creates the type of invested community that so many are looking to facilitate.