Connect with Dan

It’s so cool to build connections on the different social networks. I regularly chat with people on YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Stumbleupon that I never would with Facebook alone. Below is the list of networks you can find me, as well as a bit about what you can expect from me on them. Click on one of the buttons to visit my profile!

Find Me HereDoing this. . . .
Dan R Morris on FacebookFacebook is where you can find me. Not that I’m on Facebook a lot, but what I’m doing, my pictures, and all my friends are there. Please come hang with us!
PinterestPinterest is my new playground. I love experimenting with photo types to see what goes viral.
I get e-mail on my phone, at my desk, at my home office so if it’s easiest to e-mail me, feel free to do so at
YouTubeI didn’t start using YouTube until this year, but now absolutely love it. I post most of my Facebook videos and a lot more here on Facebook. Check out all my social marketing tips here.
linkedinI enjoy LinkedIn, but don’t use it as well as I should. I’d love to hear your tips and ideas on how to use LinkedIn better. In fact, if you’d like to produce a guest post on how to use LinkedIn – I’d love to publish it.
foursquareI’m loving Foursquare. It’s not a site we can chat, but we can connect there. If you join, “friend me” – it’s a great way to see what local businesses are doing for revenue. Besides being a fan of Foursquare, I write about it, too. My most popular post is about all the foursquare badges you can get in Nashville.
TwitterBefore voice mail, before Facebook and before the contact form on this blog – I’m on Twitter. The only faster place to reach is my cell phone (but not always).
stumbleuponI love Stumbleupon. When I first found it I was addicted to the Stumble button. Now I just love seeing cool pages and ‘stumbling’ pages for friends. Check out my page, there are some really cool websites out there.
flickrI use Flickr for both my personal photos, photos of cool places we’ve visited and as a marketing tool. I load up all the photos from my websites and both caption and save them as my keywords. A lot of traffic can be derived through keywords. Add me as a Contact to your Flickr account!
technoratiTechnorati is a great way to increase the exposure to your blog and to create new friends with similar interests. Let’s chat there.