Forget This and You’ll Get Hacked

yay-1273024I’ve got an extremely important message for you today. I need you to know this in your heart so it never happens to you.
I got hacked this week making all my sites, including my clients’ sites go down and appear as having a virus. Very very bad.
But I could have avoided it, had I really thought about this.
Here’s what you need to know and do:
Ever buy a domain name, start setting up a site and then get distracted?Or you had a good idea but then you just didn’t do anything with it?
Then the year rolls around and that domain comes up for renewal and you just let it drop thinking. “That was a good idea at the time, I guess”.Well, I did that several times. And never thought anything about it again until today. Today is when doing that cost me my entire network.  Continue reading “Forget This and You’ll Get Hacked”

Which Social Media site do I concentrate on?

This is a chapter from our Marketing Calendar Blueprint product (which I’ll also be talking about at the SMAC event you see above in the blog header). The Marketing Calendar Blueprint teaches you how to strategically plan your year so you always be providing to your audience what they are looking for.

The idea is simple . . . and so is the execution. One of the chapters is about deciding which social media site to work on. . . there are so many, aren’t there? Here’s a sneak peek: Continue reading “Which Social Media site do I concentrate on?”

5 Steps to Making Repeatable Progress Online: Repeatable is the key

Whether you’re just starting out or have been trying for some time, if you’re not making money then you’re frustrated. Now there’s no shame in making money online. You don’t have to be a spammer or a shark. All you have to do is provide what people want, when they want it with a design they like and trust. That’s it.

So if you’re frustrated I want you to do these 5 things to make concrete repeatable progress online:

1. Google Analytics. Get Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on your site. Don’t worry about setting up the Analytics goals and funnels yet. Just make sure that you’ve got visitor and keyword tracking on your site. If you use WordPress get the Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools plugin and add them both to your site.  That’s not too difficult, is it? Continue reading “5 Steps to Making Repeatable Progress Online: Repeatable is the key”

Business Continuity Planning Should Start at Customer Aquisition

The most important part of putting together your business continuity plan is the original offer. Why is that the case? Because the original offer brings the customers into the “funnel”. And the original offer is what sets the tone for the continuity program and the price.

For instance, our antioxidant nutritional supplement has a front end offer of “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, which comes out to a 90 day supply. With a 90 day supply on the front end, the continuity plan doesn’t begin until the 91st day, and in theory the customer will have been taking the supplement daily and will need new product.

I say “in theory” because this continuity program doesn’t work unless the customer is truly interested in improving their health. We learned the importance of that the hard way several years ago. Continue reading “Business Continuity Planning Should Start at Customer Aquisition”

The Role of Social Media

Last week I spoke at the SMAC conference about the role of social media in your business. Social Media is nothing more than a collection of tools you can harness for your business. While some make social media the crux of their business – most have choices. The questions I posed are:

Your Blog Must Have A Theme

To have a successful blog, and by that I mean one that not only attracts traffic but is easy to monetize, you need to have a consistent theme. The “blog about my life” isn’t nearly as marketable or as “follow-able” as the Digital Camera Blog or Internet Marketing Blog. In fact you can’t even get some of the bigger companies to advertise on your blog unless it is theme based. Here’s what Netflix requires before they’ll agree to advertise on your blog:

* Related content

* Consistency with their brand, products or business model

Netflix, Inc.

* Related advertising or merchants

* Distinct method of promotion

That doesn’t mean that your blog won’t necessarily make it to the top with extra effort, persistence and hard work. It just means that you may be disappointed when you show your neighbor how to load WordPress and you find out 3 months later he gets more traffic and better advertisers.

So don’t know the idea – and don’t jump on it. Just keep forward with that in mind.

(P.S. Netflix is as cool as it gets – so in my book they can be as scrupulous as they want to be.)