(Leslie Samuel) – 10 Minute Traffic Tips

This is an interview with Leslie Samuel, the guy behind and the associated YouTube Channel. Leslie’s channel gets millions of views. Here he talks about how he did that, why he chose Biology and how you can replicate his success.

Dan: Good, alright, so this is, actually it’s really not because it’s a membership site so we’re trying to figure outfrom a successful folks from itself, how does it happen how do you go from nothing to a really successful biology youtube channel and then you do podcasting and stuff too so can you move the audience to your podcasting, how does it works?

Leslie: So, well, in terms of the first part, in terms of how do you build something that reaching a lot of people and making a business basically, for me specifically with what I’ve done in youtube, my main goal is to put a good contents out there.So, I identify the problem, the problem was a student that go to classes struggling to understand their professor, what’s going on, they tried to learn stuff but they have a hard time, so what I did is I choose short videos, putting it in youtube, expalining a simple concept, post it to my blog, and basically grow in that way, answering a lot of how to, answering a lot of definition, a process basically answering the question what they’re looking for and how can I provide for them.

Dan:How did you figure out what the problem was?

Leslie: Because in the stuff that I was very interested in, I had taking the classes, I went to Biology class, I knew what questions to be ask, I knew what I’m struggle with.

Dan:Back from you were in highschool?

Leslie: From when I was in college, in universities that I’m teaching.

Dan: Based on your personal experience?

Leslie: Exactly, from my personal experience, not only that but you just looked through the textbooks and see what textbooks are comprehend on, look through whatever resources that about your niche, whatever your niche, whatever your topic, see what they cover and you go cover the same thing.

Dan: Are you saying that looking at textbook is an idea or did you actually do it?

Leslie: That’s exactly what I did, I looked at my notes that I took in college, I looked at the blogs and websites and see what they cover and that gave me a good idea of what people are looking for, how much you can identify that and you have to deliver for them.

Dan: So that you do keywprd research to gigure out what the quality of it?

Leslie: Actually Yes, because I call it a brand, my website in interactive biology, it’s a keyword research, a market samurai, I put biology and see people what they’re looking for, how much competition there was and I said to myself, okay you go, a lot of competition, a lot of people looking for it, I must start something specifically to that.

Dan: So then, interactive biology is a website?

Leslie: Yes, it’s a blog where I post the videos that I post to youtube but also post in my blog becasue that’s my home online.

Dan: Do you have success moving the people to the ball?

Leslie: Yes, our very intentional about that is number one, the first I wanna do with the description, the first thing you put is the line to your website, that they see the hyperlink and people will click and go to your website. The nest thing I do, each and the end of every video is a call to action, let them know that hey if you enjoy this video and you want one more just like this and other resources that help make biology fun, that’s my tagline, come to my blog in and I’ll tell you what you gonna find, it’s very clear, very specific, and they do exactly what is it.

Dan: Did you cut the call to action separate when you edit in every video?

Leslie: No, I just added in the end. I’ve got someone to make professional analysis for me and sometimes I used that but it’s more about a casual thing, everything is very official, but now I’ll just say, hey you like this, we have more of it, just stop to the website and here what’s you gonna find, very simple, very clear, the call to action, they know exactly what is good.

Dan: Are you getting engage in the youtube channel?

Leslie: I can’t keep up with the engagement. I used to go and respond to every comments but now I just can’t, I’m getting like, 5,6,7,8 thousand views a day so I can’t keep up with it.

Dan: How old is this channel?

Leslie: Well, I started working on it in the beginning of last year, January of last year.

Dan: So, you’re getting 5 thousand views a day in less than 18 months?

Leslie: 5, 6, 7, 8 thousand, I really has to do with identify that market, I identify the people looking for this content and lot of people delivering it who’s gonna or spend out timing biology video. But that’s something I enjoyed so something I continue doing.

Dan: So you have a podcast?

Leslie: I have a podcast as well.

Dan: Is it about biology?

Leslie: It’s not about biology, it’s related to internet marketing, blogging, the stuff that I’m doing in the biology site, I think the lessons that I’m learning and I talked about it in my podcast.

Dan: What is that?

Leslie:, I interviewed people that want sucess and I shared to people, basically try to educate others as how to do exactly what I did.

Dan: Did you started after the biology success?

Lelsie: I started that in the process of biology becoming successful. After already doing blogging for a while so having some success with blogging in the internet marketing and teaching to make money online because I was doing that first about I thought I was competiting and what if I’ll try another niche.

Dan: A lot of people asked us, my question is would you go back and not start learning with Leslie or because your building a biology based empire and you can’t leverage learning with Leslie.

Leslie: I can’t leverage that specific in learning with Leslie but I love internet marketing so much that I can help but talked about it, so I continue doing the biology but I’ll continue doing the blogging and the internet marketing and I was so fascinated by that and I wanna share to people.

Dan: So where does the biology go next? Are you building a list?

Leslie: Oh yeah, I have about a thousand people in the list so far and it’s very good interaction with that list. when I sent out the message I have good percentage of people opening it and taking actions.

Dan: What do you know about the list?

Lelsie: I’ve done service and so want to see what comprises from colleges level to beyond, a lot of teachers that are using it with their classes all over the wrold pretty much. I got medical professional that are using them for some of the concepts that they’ve should have learn and should have knoewn because they’ve medical professional so it’s a mix but mistly from university level and beyond.

Dan: So, I’m thinking that in general people interested that in biology list is useless because some kids are taking against doing their will to e a journalistm major, do you have a filter that gets people whon are interested in the biology in the list?

Leslie: I don’t have a filter but becasue of the level of content in it, I guess I can say I do have a filter becasue when I’m taking about a general biology student might not necessarily looking for that.

Dan: What steps do you have to take to get on the list if you’re watching a youtube video?

Leslie: You come to the website, click the link and there’s optem that will pop out or comes out in order to get and undesrstand videos and to get the mp3′s.

Dan: So that’s full of filter too? You get really want that step?

Leslie: Exactly! We gonna care about it. If I’m a general journalism student that taking biology, I don’t want powerpoint or stuff that I can’t take. You can make money with this too.

Dan: Yeah! We’re talking about and your youtube?


Dan: Giving anything else?

Leslie:,, training course on how to set up a blog, That’s very much it.

Dan: Exactly! This is Dan Morris, 10minutetraffictips with Leslie, I do appreciate.

Leslie: Not a problem.


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And then I was looking at the sessions “grid” and there seem to be 10 different ones going on every hour. Holy Moly! I better bring a friend. Honestly, can you really make friends at something so huge?

And then. . . I got a card in the mail. I got a handwritten card from one of the organizers. I can’t even get my friends and family to send handwritten Christmas cards. I immediately took a picture of it, uploaded it to Instagram and thanked them the for the card using the BlogWorldExpo hash tag.

Guess what? They replied and said they looked forward to seeing me. Hmmm. . . What a simple gesture that made me feel so welcome. I certainly wasn’t expecting a handwritten letter from this “giant” event.

Examples of Community Building Extras

Sending physical notes is hard if you don’t have your audience’s addresses. But don’t let that stop you. I have learned time and time again that even the small gesture of welcoming people to your audience is appreciated. At we welcome each person as they press the “join” button and have gotten many emails of appreciation because of it. Small isn’t bad.

When teleseminar coach Cyndi Dawson speaks she brings something special for those of her community members who happen to be at the event. And at the NAMS event in Atlanta I know Lynn Terry holds a dinner for her elite community members. Those are great community building gestures.

From the big business side of the world, Choice Hotels (the Comfort Inn / Sleep Inn folks) have little gift bags at the front desk for their frequent stay card holders. I believe the last one I got had an apple and a bottle of water in it. Simple, but most appreciated.

So what kinds of things can you do for your audience that will set you apart?

  • Open up a teleseminar line once/month for your community to call, chat or ask questions.
  • Take pictures with your fans in person. Upload and tag them on Facebook.
  • Friend your community members on other networks and initiate conversations.
  • Write an ebook and give your audience pre-publication access in exchange for comments and feedback. If you get their name and address in that process, send a real thank you note.
  • Send out TweetUp notices when you travel and invite your community members to come out and meet you. Do that in your own city too.
  • When you create products, give long-term community members an extra 10% affiliate commission

Got some other ideas of ways to reward your community? To praise your community? To serve your community? Share them with us.

Dan R Morris is the founder of, a website dedicated to improving your revenue stream from online efforts. Dan is an infomercial producer, niche website owner, product developer, author and Mastermind leader. Dan actively encourages marketers to take that extra step so that “Hope” doesn’t become the marketing plan.