Nissan’s Social Media Marketing Manifesto

Nissan’s Social Media Marketing campaign has the engine of a huge company, but the heart of small one. I was truly surprised by the sincerity, integrity and intimacy by which Nissan operates their program.

For a car company trying to make money in times that are extremely difficult, I I was surprised how little of the discussion was about sales, ROI, or monetization. It was quite obvious during the course of the discussion that sales were the goal of some other Nissan department. The social media marketing department was about customer experience and branding. [Read more…]

Funny Door to Door Salesman on Youtube

Kenny Brooks is the funny door to door salesman that everyone is watching on YouTube. He says that 2 years of door to door sales is like a college education in sales communication. And that line probably does help him make sales . . . but . . . has he learned enough to be successful selling something else?

On his blog, Marty Fancke commented that Kenny was doing lots of things right. He appreciated Kenny’s ability to make the customer smile, his use of product demo’s, leveraging social proof and asking for the sale several times. I believe his buyer’s would agree. [Read more…]