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The Definitive Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube

Semester 3, Online Class (13 Credits) Self Paced
The Business Blogging Course is for any business looking to add blogging to their overall marketing strategy. The course discusses the role of blogging, time requirements, methods of monetization, purpose and platforms. It also covers the strategies required to achieve search engine leverage.

BZB301 Module 16: Video Marketing on YouTube

BZB301 16-1: Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

BZB301 16-2: Video Optimization 101

BZB301 16-3: Video Optimization 201

BZB301 16-4: YouTube Custom Thumbnail

BZB301 16-5: Creating a Custom Subscribe Button

BZB301 16-6: Adding Social Links to the Header in YouTube

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BZB301 16-6: Video Analytics 101

BZB301 16-6: Video Analytics 201

BZB301 16-7: Adding Chapters to YouTube for Skipping

BZB301 16-8: YouTube Cards

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BZB301 16-9: Different Ways to Offer Sponsored Videos

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BZB301 16-10: Monetizing Video

BZB301 16-11: Video Creation

BZB301 16-12: Paying Attention to Lighting in Video

BZB301 16-13: Video Backgrounds and Angles

BZB301 16-14: What to Wear on Camera

BZB301 16-15: Embedding a Video in a Video

BZB301 16-16: 41 Awesome uses for Video

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BZB301 16-17: How Do We Use Video

BZB301 16-18: Video Strategy 201

BZB301 16-19: Increasing Video Views

BZB301 16-20: Audience Engagement

BZB301 16-21: List Building with Video

BZB301 16-21: Backgrounds and other Video Details that Matter


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