day16-seo-challenge Google wants to load sites that load fast. If people click “back” then Google notes that it’s not a relevant site.

Site Speed Test : – look for long bars to see exactly what is slowing you down.

To up Page Rank – more links from good sites

check out “ allinanchor:” on google – will tell you the words is used as anchor text
“allintitle:” word is in title
“allintext:” word is in text on the page


    Remember, there are many posts that you don’t need to worry about optimizing. Some things people just don’t search for.

    So we need a keyword tool to help us learn which keywords will serve our business.

Supporting Knowledge

blog Speaking of Speed, let’s talk about Overcoming Speed Bumps
Video In FreeWeeklyMastermind, we recently did a call on Internal Link Structure.
tools Today’s tools:
Pingdom Tools

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