Welcome to the Snowball Summit

Are you ready to become a full-time blogger?

It’s sometimes a question of “do you have what it takes?” and sometimes a question of “Is this where your talent lies?”

Blogging is a mindset game. It’s a game of being organized, staying on target, having laser focus. It’s a game of finances, relationships, time management, tenacity, art and unwavering focus on the audience.

So in 6 short videos, we talk about these things. Are you ready?

How long does it take to make it?

snow1 Is the market too saturated for your business? How much money does it take? What is the true lifespan of a blog? And how do you stand out in an online crowd?

What must you pay for?

snow2 Hosting? Security? Email?
Social Media Tools? Photos?
Editing Software? Storage? Domains?
What must you pay for?

Are you Social Noise or the Engaging Voice?


snow3 What’s the difference between Rachel Martin and Philip DeFranco?
What’s the difference between Shay Carl and Howard Stern?
What does it take to be more than just another site?

What kind of time does it take to actually blog?


snow4 What does it take to produce a food blog?
What does it take to produce a podcast?
What does it take to produce a lifestyle post?
What does it take to produce a training post?

How do we get brands involved with our blog?


snow5 A discussion with Find Your Influence, the premiere source of information and connection when working with brands.What do brands look for in bloggers? What are the red flags?
What should we give a brand with each post?
How does the relationship stick and produce more opportunities?
What’s the difference between working with an agency and working with a brand directly?

Why do bloggers quit?


snow6 The idea that quitters never win is just plain false. The guy that quits the most is the guy that started the most things. . . What are the reasons bloggers move on to other things?

We’ll talk about new opportunities, leveraging ones skills in the market and epiphanies.
We’ll also discuss what leads to burn out and reasons bloggers are often forced to quit.



snowb In what order should we be doing things?