Blogging Concentrated Pages

“How do I get this blog making money?
I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. . .”

BC Pages is all about money. What do we do to start making a full time income?

We’ve put together the BC Pages curriculum to answer all your questions about money:

Ad Networks and Adsense

Let’s talk about Ad Placement, Pattern Disconnects on your site, Ad dashboards, DFP, private ads, measurement and testing strategy.

Sponsored Posts

Not only do we want to understand the process, but how do we make Sponsored Posts work for us long term. How do we handle expiration dates? How we do get Sponsored Posts in the first place? Where do we look for them? What do we do when approaching agencies vs the companies themselves?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a lot more than just posting links. We’re going to talk about reviews, trust, and flagship affiliates. We’ll discuss how to find great ones for every niche, how to use them to learn what products to create and more.

Membership Program

What’s involved with setting up a membership program? How do we determine what to put in the membership, how to price it and sell it.


You can and should be creating and selling your own products as regular practice. We’ll talk about doing that without a shopping cart, with shopping carts, and with affiliates. Pricing, follow-up, series. . . all things product related.

Solo Ads

Learn how to make money by building email lists and offering to send emails out for companies.

Personal Sponsorship

Shannon Cherry is proof that it is possible and easy. She gets just about everything sponsored including her clothes, home projects, events, blog posts. . . Personal Sponsorship is awesome.


There is always someone who’ll pay for your advice. Let’s talk about how to offer services and completely automate the process so you only need answer the phone when they call.

. . . And More. . .

There really is no end to the way people make money online.


In each city our goal is to find a tech start-up who would love to host the event at their space.¬†We’ve met in cool locations across the country – so if you’re looking for normal – this isn’t it. We’ve met at the headquarters of Ahalogy and will be meeting the headquarters of Swagbucks.

When we don’t find a tech startup, we do find cool, small companies. In Milwaukee we were in a coffee factory, in Atlanta and Anaheim a co-working space, in Seattle the conference facility of a car wash company, and in Nashville the conference facility of an extermination company. Oh yeah, and no worries about the extras because at each site we’re providing snacks, lunch, beverages, and of course, that much needed wi-fi.

Once you register, we’ll send you specific details. When you click the register button below, you’ll see the dates for the different events. Then by email I’ll send you the map of the location and more details. We can’t wait to see you!