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The Definitive Guide to Analyzing Marketing Problems

Semester 3, Online Class (13 Credits) Self Paced
The Business Blogging Course is for any business looking to add blogging to their overall marketing strategy. The course discusses the role of blogging, time requirements, methods of monetization, purpose and platforms. It also covers the strategies required to achieve search engine leverage.

BZB301 Module 14: Case Studies

BZB301 14-1: Live Website Review

BZB301 14-2: Hot Seat Teleseminar: Assessing a Soap Store Owner's Marketing Plan
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BZB301 14-3: Marketing Mistake: How Dinosaur Land Screwed Up Their Group

BZB301 14-4: How did the PianoGuys make it big on YouTube?

BZB301 14-5: This Hallmark Movie Launch Missed Out

BZB301 14-6: Which Social Media Platform do I need?

BZB301 14-7: Dodge has no idea what it is doing

BZB301 14-8: Ruby Tuesday's Birthday Marketing Mistake

BZB301 14-9: TV Commercials Don't Last too Long

BZB301 14-10: Terra Nova and the Clock

BZB301 14-11: The Indianapolis Zoo's Lack of Pricing Strategy